We offer three levels of service. Whatever your budget and needs we can help you keep your business safe, including providing a tailored service plan and bespoke consulting.


Receive a monthly email with tips and a timely reminder to do some of the things we all forget, such as testing smoke alarms, back ups and spare keys.

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Our affordable monthly plan guides you through all the areas which could catch you out - each month we will send you notes, tips and checklists on a specific topic (such as buildings, IT, weather related emergencies and so on) giving you the tools to create plans and policies.

At the end of every six months, you will have one hour of consultancy.

£50 per month (min 6 months)

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We offer bespoke consultancy which can be agreed with you depending on your needs and budget. This can include training, assessing and creating policies and plans to safeguard your future operations.

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